Web Site Tools


Need a web site for your business but don't know where to start? Did you know that there are FREE tools on the net to make your task easy and inexpensive? Even FREE? It's true. You can have a professional web site up and running in no time with no tech help. It's fast and easy! You do not have to be a programmer either. No coding!


This web site, the very one you are looking at was made with a FREE template - the template was downloaded, the wording added and then it was uploaded to our web host company. Easy and Free.


So, what do you do? Take a look at the template page and see the details on finding a free web site template. After you have found one, visit the hosting page to find out how to mkae your new site available at a low cost or even free.

Need a Site Home?

Once you have a site template picked out, you need a place to host your web site. If you don't have a host already, check out Dreamhost - You can host your site for $5.95 a month. Use the discount code FREEWEBSTUFF to get your domain name registration FREE with your hosting plan.