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Once you have your template picked out, you need a place to host it. Don't worry - this is not complicated. A web host is simply a place to store your template files so they can be read by people browsing the internet.


This web site, the very one you are looking at was made with a FREE template - the template was downloaded, the wording added and then it was uploaded to our web host company. Easy and Free.


So, what do you do? Take a look at the template page and see the details on finding a free web site template. After you have found one, visit the hosting page to find out how to mkae your new site available at a low cost or even free.

Need a Site Home?

Once you have a site template picked out, you need a place to host your web site. If you don't have a host already, check out Dreamhost - You can host your site for $5.95 a month. Use the discount code FREEWEBSTUFF to get your domain name registration FREE with your hosting plan.